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Change is a natural process and some people only find that what that process is when they read Stop Flocking Around: What Alex the Albatross Can Teach You About Navigating Change

In facilitating the Navigate Your Change 9-Week Program you will support your participants as they learn about the change journey and build skills from exploring their own change.

Your participants will ask: What is the change process? How do I travel it more gracefully? You will guide them through both.

About Change...

An excerpt from Stop Flocking Around

"Change happens. It feels crazy, like there is no rhyme or reason to it. We are ticking along in our normal life and, by choice or by circumstance, suddenly everything is different.

That’s change and it happens all the time, to all of us. Sometimes the changes are tiny and fast. Sometimes they are huge and can take a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime. One thing we know is that we all have multiple changes going on at once—all in different stages.

What if we told you that there is a process for change? An actual map that you can use to orient yourself and predict the next steps?

Imagine the change process like a journey. There are landmarks, updrafts, and crosswinds along the way. We also have our own internal compass to guide us. All helpful . . . if you have a map.

Whew! Do you feel better already?

Without the map, the landmarks and updrafts and crosswinds just look like part of the chaotic landscape, and our internal compass seems to wing around in circles. When we know there is a map and can identify where we are on it, the landmarks and updrafts begin to make sense. We can expect the crosswinds and fly straight into them."

What is the Navigate Your Change 9-Week Program?

Great Question! This idea came from our focus group members and has grown in popularity, to the point it has become a key offering from Simply Karen Creative.

 People are starting to realize that change is so much easier with a map and a flock. Over 9 weeks, you will guide your participants through mapping the changes going on in their world, deepen discussions on the topics covered in the book, and celebrate with them as they complete changes and reclaim that energy back into their lives! 

Course curriculum

    1. FA-Welcome Message to Facilitators

    2. FA-Facilitator Manual

    3. FA-Resources for Marketing the Navigate Your Change 9-Week Journey

    4. FA-Facilitator Financial Agreement

    1. FA-POSTS: Weekly Community Posts for your NYC9P participants

    2. FA-POST: Check in on Grief and Attachment - Week 6

    3. FA-POST: Judgie vs Judgement

    1. FA-Notes on the Welcome to Your Book Club Chapter

    2. Welcome Message from Karen & Karen

    3. 7 Elements of an Amazing Co-Created Experience

    4. Message From Your Facilitators

    5. FA-Message From Your Facilitators

    6. Messages from Previous Participants

    7. Stop Flocking Around: What Alex the Albatross Can Teach You About Navigating Change: Digital Download

    1. FA-Notes on the Resources Chapter

    2. How to use this Learning Platform

    3. Navigating Your Resources

    4. Make Yourself at Home in Alex's Community

    5. Live Welcome Zoom Call Recording

    6. Before we begin...

    7. FA-Welcome Call Walk Through

    1. FA-Notes on Week One

    2. Welcome to Week 1

    3. Introducing the Change Journey Process

    4. Your Task: The Change Journey Discovery Assessment

    5. Test Your Learning So Far

    6. Week 1 Live Call Recording

    7. FA-Week 1 Walk Through

    1. FA-Notes on Week Two

    2. Welcome to Week Two

    3. Task 1: Map Three COMPLETED Changes

    4. Task 2: Map Three OPEN Changes

    5. Test Your Learning So Far

    6. Week 2 Live Call Recording

    7. FA-Week 2 Walk Through

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Co-Author of Stop Flocking Around!, Karen Kessler trains, coaches and guides leaders through change. Trainer, Master Coach and course creator, Karen is the Universal Translator, creating clarity for others.

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  • Are the sessions recorded?

    Yes - all training sessions are recorded and resources are available to you 24/7.

  • What if I need to miss a session?

    It happens. Even when you fully commit to a program, unforeseen things can pop up. The training is provided in the course between sessions so, you may just need to ask any questions you have solely in the community if cannot attend one of the sessions.

  • Do I need to purchase a copy of the book first?

    As a facilitator, you will need your own physical copy of the book. You can purchase it at our site or at most online book stores.

  • I have a question not answered here

    Send us an email at [email protected] and we will get you an answer as soon as possible.