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You have been changing for awhile now. You are aware of it, done the work, and it still feels a bit like you're guessing. Join us for this three month small group program, with 1 on 1 elements, to dive deeper into yourself than ever before. Understand why you do what you do, how to align your world to you, and finally clear out all that old stuff (all without reliving it!).

What does the last cohort have to say?

“If you have a goal that you are working towards or a change that you are trying to make in any area of your life, this program is the way to get you there faster, easier and with a lot more fun. The people that you meet, who share your journey along the way, will become lifelong companions making life's journey fun and meaningful and they normalize your challenges. It's the best time and money you will ever spend.”

“Redirect & Accelerate is a rich source of intelligent, intuitive learning. KC and KK helped me navigate major changes in my career with clarity and focus. I learned how to understand myself in a completely different way, and now I know how to set and achieve goals that actually nourish and excite me! This process has been eye-opening, and literally changed the way I see everything in my life.”

“The best gift I gave myself was to join the program. It was the precise catalyst I needed to attract and manifest my dreams. I pinch myself when I wake up in the morning as my dreams are my new reality. I am filled with gratitude and how all of this happened with Redirect & Accelerate and my cohort members. I now accept and embrace my unique and wonderful self.”

Course curriculum

    1. A Message From Karen & Karen

    2. How to use this course

    3. All of your program information

    4. Tips For Your Success

    5. Program Resources: Updated Throughout

    6. Welcome Session Recording

    7. 'Let's get your baseline' survey

    1. Intro to Human - Insight That Will Help Make Sense of It All

    2. Session 1 Recordings - 2023 02 28

    1. Session 2 Recording - 2023 02 11 Opening

    2. Inner Master Assessment Q&A

    1. Emotional Release Worksheets

    2. Session 3 Recording - 2023 02 25

    1. Outcome Setting & Task Overview

    2. Values Hierarchies Elicitation & Task

    3. Session 4 Recordings - 2023 03 11

    1. Session 5 Recording

    2. Values Q&As

About this course

  • $2,825.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

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Bonus material for you

We rolled in as much as we could! (You can pay $2747 or just accept them as gifts - your choice :)

  • Level Up: Leadership Capacity Builder

    Embrace the knowledge, perspectives, and skills that Next-Level Leaders use to bring peace to their lives. This two part program drips out every three days to provide space to play with the concepts in your real world. (Current Pricing: $997)

  • Inner Mastery Assessments

    Spend two hours, just you and a Master Coach to elicit your deep unconscious programs responsible for your motivations. Assessments include, Meta Programs, Consciousness Values Levels, and Values Hierarchies for Life. (Current Pricing: $1750)

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Your Facilitators

Instructor Bio:

Co-Author of Stop Flocking Around!, Karen Collacutt has a lifetime of change experience. Trainer and master coach, Karen brings her energy, compassion, and insight to every interaction.

Karen Collacutt

Trainer Extraordinaire

Your Facilitators

Instructor Bio:

Co-Author of Stop Flocking Around!, Karen Kessler trains, coaches and guides leaders through change. Trainer, Master Coach and course creator, Karen is the Universal Translator, creating clarity for others.

Karen Kessler

Trainer Extraordinaire

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