Learn how to Navigate Change

Change happens... whether it's the realization of what's possible, or like someone pulled the rug out from beneath you. What comes next is the same for all of us. There is confusion, chaos, and an attempt to reclaim the old way. What no one tells us is that the old normal is gone. Knowing how to move forward makes change easier. Alex the Albatross's story, along with this mini-course's key insights and teachings, will help you grow. This engaging mini-course will help you experience the journey of change with more grace.

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    1. Alex the Albatross Changed - Alex's Story

    2. Introducing the Change Journey Process with Karen and Karen

    3. Your Change Journey Discovery Assessment

    4. The Change Journey | Excerpt from Stop Flocking Around and Video Training

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Karen Collacutt makes it Go! She loves the thrill of the journey and feels deeply into every curve of her dynamic soaring. Sometimes she forgets that she is human and takes responsibility for the entire world—and she rocks it! Karen has a lot of love to spare and spreads it lavishly on her hubby, pups, family, friends, and the Earth. We love her right back! ***************** Karen Kessler is the Universal Translator, mashing all kinds of learning into cool new thoughts. She makes magic with words from her mind, heart, and funny bone. She sees the flow of things, adjusting her wings to balance the crosswinds and make the most of the updrafts. Karen snuggles puppies, kitties, and her honey. She is quick to giggle, opens her heart wide, and loves big. She rocks! *****************

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